Back in 2017, Google launched two Pixel smartphones — Pixel 2 and Pixel 2XL made by HTC and LG respectively. However, the two smartphones were earlier tipped to be made by HTC only with codename — walleye and muskie.

Google cancelled Pixel 2XL (muskie) made by HTC and launched LG made Pixel 2XL that year.

YouTuber Calyx Hikari has posted a hands-on video of a prototype Pixel 2XL made by HTC gives a closer look at its design

According to the hands-on video, the HTC made Pixel 2XL shared its design cues with LG’s Pixel 2XL. The HTC prototype also features dual-tone design with a single camera module at the back. The camera module is also placed on the top-left corner with an LED flash and circular optical fingerprint scanner in the middle.

However, things are very different at the front. Unlike LG’s Pixel 2XL which has a rather thin forehead and chin, the HTC’s prototype was quite the opposite.

According to the hands-on video, the HTC Pixel 2XL had pretty thick bezels at top and bottom. Which looks dated even for 2017 standards. HTC’s design would not have worked in favour of Google and this could be one of the reasons why Google went with LG’s design instead of HTC.

Apart from this, the About Phone section of the phone shows Android 8.0 Oreo with May 2017 Android Security Patch.


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