Facebook Will Verify The Viral Posts
Facebook Will Verify The Viral Posts

Facebook Will Verify The Viral Posts – Posts Coming From The Humans Side Or Not

We know that there are so many rumors going around the people, So Facebook Going to start a new Function in Facebook in this function facebook will verify all the posts whos going viral or have already viral posts is posted by humans or that post have posted the bots. through this function, Facebook can identify all those accounts posting their post genuine or not. what the intention behind the posts.

Facebook is an open-source platform where you can share all kinds of stuff but that stuff should be genuine or legal. because nowadays there are so many people whos are spreading a rumor or illegal stuff which is totally punishable. So through this feature facebook can find all those accounts spreading it and this function will have to Facebook to catch all the perpetrators. that is the reason Facebook is going to limited reach to people accounts that they did not get verified. If there any user did not choose their account verified then their user name will not match to Facebook link. So this the great feature of Facebook.

Download: Facebook Remove Major Feature From Facebook Messenger Lite App

If any user creates any Facebook page there is a huge number of people on that page and if any admin wants to post anything he will not able to post before they get verified. Facebook says the register IDs will be secure And not shared through admin or user profile

A new Feature in India

Facebook Lock profile Feature

In India, Facebook is going to introduce a new feature that is going to help those people who want to lock their profiles. This feature will ensure the user from the random person who is looking for their photos or profile pictures after this function will not able to see their profile. The feature is rolling out to users in India in the coming week.


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