Covid-19 vaccine WhatsApp sticker pack How to download and send

In an initiative to motivate people to get Covid-19 vaccination done, Facebook has introduced Covid-19 themed sticker pack for WhatsApp.

The new sticker pack is dubbed as Vaccines for All and is now available to download for all WhatsApp users.

According to Facebook, the new stickers have been introduced to offer people a way to express their joy, relief and hope they feel about the possibilities of the Covid-19 vaccines and to show appreciation to healthcare workers.

Wondering how to download and send Covid-19 themed WhatsApp Stickers, Here are the steps you will need to follow.

Steps to download Vaccines for All WhatsApp Sticker pack


Then, open the instant messaging app and head to any chat window


Choose the Stickers option by tapping on the Smiley icon and then the Stickers icon at the bottom centre.


After this, tap on the ‘+’ icon at the right side of the Stickers section


Look for Vaccines for All sticker pack and tap on the downward arrow to download the sticker pack

Steps to send Vaccines for All Stickers

To send, open the chat window of the person to whom you want to send the Stickers. Look for Vaccines for All sticker pack under the Stickers section. Tap on any sticker to send.



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