Apple approves yet another fake kids games with hidden casino

Even if Apple claims the App Store to be a secure place for all the apps and games on iOS and iPad OS operating systems, there are several scams that have been reported. We talked about one last week where the company approved a simple kids game that turns into a casino game using VPN, based on a report by an app developer Kosta Eleftheriou.

Eleftheriou has now uncovered two new games on Apple App Store which again become casino games in certain countries via its official Twitter handle.

According to Eleftheriou’s tweet, a match-three puzzle game called Lucky Star transforms into a casino game when accessed from Russia via VPN and Vegas Pirates are two games that Apple approved on the App Store. Though they are now gone from the App Store, the question still remains. How in the first place, these apps are getting approved on App Store.

Just like before, Eleftheriou has clarified that these games turn into casino games when using VPN and also they use their own in-app payment system, completely ditching Apple’s payment system.

In another tweet, he mentions that since scammers are not using Apple’s IAP, these casino games just run in a web view under the shadow of a kids game.

He has also mentioned that these scammers are taking this approach to cash in people’s trust in Apple App Store’s privacy and security.

Well, a hidden casino game inside a kids game isn’t entirely a new idea. Several developers who have been blocked by App Store plant their games to re-enter the App Store and scam users.



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