Apple keeps a strong check on all the apps it allows on the App Store to ensure quality apps with maximum safety and privacy.

However, there are developers who have bypassed the App Store quality testing checkpoints by pulling some tricks.

A well-known developer Kosta Eleftheriou has highlighted several App Store scams in the past few months. Now, he has exposed another scam on Apple’s App Store. The developer has posted the same on his official Twitter account.

The app in question is actually a kids game aimed at children of 4+ age group. Dubbed as Jungle Runner 2k21, as per App Store’s listing, is an endless runner game. But, anyone with an IP address of Turkey or a VPN set to Turkey and the game actually transforms into an online casino game that uses its own payment system and money scam is involved with it as well.

It is not the first time it has happened on the Apple App Store. Usually, developers use this trick to sneak back their banned apps by Apple. They often combine their game with a really basic game or app.

Kosta has also confirmed on Twitter about the misleading games’ fake CNN Turk feature to attract users.

He also explains that they are redirected to the App Store page after users click on the ad. In order to pass App Review the app claims to be “a fun running game”, and in the US works like an extremely basic and very poorly designed kids game, says Kosta in another tweet.

The app also scammed big amounts from several people who played the game where the scammers asked users to make a deposit of large sums for the promise of a bonus, but that never arrived.


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