A YouTube channel named Photo Owl Time Lapse decided to put the Galaxy S21’s IP rating to test and has kept the phone submerged underwater for 12 days.

The YouTuber is looking to test the limits of Galaxy S21 and see for how long it can last underwater. The channel is also live-streaming the same from Feb 9, 2021.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 comes with IP68 water and dust resistant rating and, as per Samsung, the phone is rated to survive submersion of up to 1.5 meters of fresh water for up to 30 minutes.

The timer running on the smartphone’s screen currently shows 74 hours + 200 hours. This means the phone has survived for 274 hours as of day 12. Also, the YouTuber has said that the phone has been kept charged throughout the test using a wireless charging pad attached to the aquarium.

Based on this, the Galaxy S21 is holding up pretty well underwater.

The YouTuber has also been updating the description page with the progress of the test, Read on:

“Update 1:

As it turns out the stopwatch on the S21 goes up to 99 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds only. When it reached that I had to manually restart it, and the counter started from 0 again.

This many times was the stopwatch restarted: twice

Add 200 hours to the actual time that’s on the counter.

Update 1:

The phone gave a “Moisture detected” warning after being submerged for 117 hours and 53 minutes. The screen was unresponsive, and it kept jumping between applications uncontrollably.

After some button pressing now it works fine again, the moisture warning is still there.

Let’s see what happens next.

Update 3:

At 241 hours and 10 minutes we were about a dozen people watching, and everyone was interested if the speakers still work. I played some music and the speakers sounded terrible, very quiet and barely understandable. At this time the water pressed LAP, so that’s what you can see on the screen now. It stays until the next stopwatch reset.”


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